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Linen and Uniform Laundry Services

Our ISO-9001 certified system, coupled with high quality water and in-house process formulation, ensure we deliver the highest industrial hygiene and quality standards. Along with separate clean and soiled areas to minimize cross contamination, our automated equipment reduce multiple touch points for greater cleanliness. Furthermore, our continuous batch washer systems have proven to optimize the service life of our customers’ linen and terry (find out how).

Guest Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning and guest laundry services are available for most garment types 7 days a week. Our highly experienced team is able to treat even the most delicate customers’ needs in our dedicated facilities.

Laundry Logistics

Timely pickup and delivery is conducted with stringent security and hygiene standards, off and on customers’ premises. Our logistics process includes multiple checks to protect our customers’ assets along with strict soiled handling and hygiene standards.

Professional Linen Care Advice

We continuously assist customers in managing and maximizing the useful life of their linen and uniform inventory. From the daily tallying of items in circulation to selecting the optimum processes for treatment, we work with leading industry and technology partners to improve traceability and safety.